Calliope is much like Lil Cal’s name also, though it is most likely more in the regard to Caliborn

Calliope is much like Lil Cal’s name also, though it is most likely more in the regard to Caliborn

It’s very a mention of unique Middlesex where intersex protagonist spends the name “Cal” in order to depict their masculine side and you will “Calliope” otherwise “Callie” to depict the feminine side of them.

Kalliope (the deity)’s the reason icon was a writing pill, for example Calliope’s extremely appreciated thing was her attracting pill. They shows them are a characterization of the Homestuck fandom too, due to the fact Homestuck is fairly brand new unbelievable story and you will can explore poetry once in a while.

She chose “ uranianUmbra ” just like the the lady on the web manage because of her fascination with worldwide Uranus’s book rotation, regardless of if when describing so it to help you Roxy, the woman is not able to remember the word to possess an effective ball’s topspin – when you look at the pond, the word having getting a spin on the cue baseball is “english”. Umbra are Latin getting “shadow” (whence we become ‘umbrage’, meaning rage); in the English, it does imply the same, but constantly relates specifically towards the darkest element of a trace. ‘UU’ also finishes the fresh DNA motif of all most other chumhandles/trolltags, representing uracil.

The word “uranian” is a nineteenth-100 years label making reference to good “women mind for the a male human anatomy”. Even if Calliope isn’t theoretically when you look at the a male muscles, you, after, is part of this lady equivalent, Caliborn. An effective soldier from both genders, that have characteristics and you may characters of each.”

Uranus is also aren’t associated with Sailor Moonlight profile of Teno Haruka, a keen androgynous lesbian character that is will translated as being intersex and/or nonbinary due to being known as “each other a guy and you can a lady

Calliope is even an off-handed reference to Andrew Hussie’s left behind graphic novel, Whistles Regularity One: New Starlight Calliope; a frightening facts out-of a good circus clown and his awesome misadventures inside the a sadistic circus below ground, in which genocide, prostitution, and you will cannibalism up against clowns takes place.

Even when Andrew Hussie reported that the guy will not proper care just how subscribers pronounce some thing into the Homestuck, into the Greek mythology, Calliope’s name is obvious (kuh-lie-uh-pee) [k??la??pi?] although ancient greek obvious they (kah-li-o-pay) [kali???p?:]. Of the circus pronunciation, it is (kAHl-ee-ohp) [?kali?p:].

Symbol [ ]

Calliope’s icon is actually a cross between the caduceus (?), the newest icon of your own Greek god Hermes, plus the pole regarding Asclepius (?; that is also referred to as this new Asklepios), the latter where are among the one or two Ophiuchus icons. By comparison, Caliborn’s cam symbol ’s the almost every other, less common Ophiuchus symbol. Except that being the messenger of your own gods, Hermes has also been this new guardian out of limitations and guests just who cross her or him. Asclepius, concurrently, try a good specialist for the Greek myths. When he died, he turned into this new constellation Ophiuchus.

Certain mythological functions of one’s caduceus is thematically right for Calliope, such as its ability to “wake the fresh new resting and you can publish the conscious to sleep”, and therefore the thing is the way the several halves of an effective cherub switch control of your body once they sleep. It is quite said that new rod can also be get back brand new dead to life, an installing symbol getting a character later on renewed by Band away from Life.

In the North america, new caduceus and you may Asklepios are usually puzzled for 1 another, the spot where the previous is used so you can signify medical industry, even though it is used to portray trade in other places. If you are Calliope uses this symbol, Caliborn spends japan-preferred icon to possess Ophiuchus that’s a great tilde superimposed over the letter U, a conventionalized symbol of men carrying a snake. This new tilde in addition to is similar to Calliope’s bogus horns, all of which often is similar to among the many entwined snakes. The lady indication can certainly be several adult cherubs mating, once the mature cherubs become serpents if you are mating. Even further, their symbol would-be translated just as a caduceus with no wings, similar to how Caliborn predominated in advance of themselves you certainly will make wings.

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