This research has many advantages that needs to be noted

This research has many advantages that needs to be noted

Strengths and you will constraints out of studies

First of all, according to the books, this has been learned that there is certainly merely restricted search with the abortion skills and needs that happen to be done in the fresh new Malaysian framework and you may none ones training looked into women’s knowledge having medical abortion as well as their need with regard to abortion [30, 30]. Which, this study increases the present human anatomy out-of facts because of it matter in the country and to new all over the world human anatomy off literary works total. Furthermore, this research offered viewpoints and empirical evidence towards the procedure away from abortion that can easily be maybe not talked about and you can talked about during the Malaysia.

I recognize which our study features limits. To begin with, because of the qualitative characteristics of study, the brand new results associated with studies can’t be general on wide society. Furthermore, the info achieved within research necessary participants to help you remember early in the day event in which keep in mind bias try gonna can be found. Although not, all members had the history abortion less than you to definitely seasons regarding the chronilogical age of studies collection, hence the chances otherwise bear in mind prejudice was indeed quicker. Thirdly, the fresh participants were recruited out-of one metropolitan clinic. Perhaps coming education you can expect to recruit girls away from various towns and cities (etc. centers, healthcare centers, hospitals) from each other rural and towns and so the understanding of the modern abortion circumstances within the Malaysia is seized out-of skills of females off more setup.


The existing abortion statutes in the Malaysia should permit the authorities to offer abortion characteristics during the laws. Regrettably, the study findings show that that is essentially not very, most probably due to the societal stigma. There was surprise need for the federal government to examine the responsibility in delivering accessible abortion properties inside the scope of your own legislation and to check out the regulating standards to possess for example characteristics in Malaysia. This research and additionally highlighted the necessity for instructional services making lady alert to their reproductive rights in order to increase their reproductive studies about abortion. Aside from the government, social degree for the abortion can certainly be enhanced by the work away from abortion providers, advocacy communities and you can related NGOs.


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