How to Find the Right Bookkeeper For You

How To Choose The Right Bookkeeper?

This may vary depending on your financial expertise and the type of business you own. They can handle calculating and charging late fees as appropriate. This ensures that you have the money you need to meet your financial obligations. There is no doubt that a common link between all of these skills is the unique ability to communicate effectively and quickly.

How To Choose The Right Bookkeeper?

Aptitude for technology – Unless your company is stuck in the 20th century, you should be using a software system to keep your company financials and manage your books. The right bookkeeper should be trained and have experience using your bookkeeping/accounting software. In How To Choose The Right Bookkeeper? summary, you should put some time and thought into who you choose to be your bookkeeper, and you should not hire anyone that lacks the qualities we’ve mentioned above. Bookkeepers have access to much of the most critical personal/private information regarding a company.

Checking if the site connection is secure

It would also help to do background checks, like requesting references from previous clients and employers or reading their reviews and ratings if they work on online platforms. Every business has specific needs, which matters when searching for a bookkeeper.

  • You’ll need to be reasonable when setting required qualifications and strategic in where you search for candidates, depending on whether you’re hiring an employee or contractor.
  • Also, some remote bookkeeping services are able to automatically import your financial information—transactions from bank and credit accounts, for instance.
  • He holds an Accounting degree with a Minor in Business Administration.
  • The odds are good that you need either a freelance or remote bookkeeper if you have a business with less than one million dollars in annual revenue or over 50 employees.
  • Your bookkeeper can access sensitive bank data, such as account numbers and online banking passwords.
  • It will simplify tasks like invoicing, automatically sending the invoice and recording its contents at the same time.

Spending a few minutes thinking about your needs will give you a headstart to help you choose the right software and make the job of running your business easier. And that’s the first place to start when considering which software to use. The choice between a basic, easy-to-use accounting package or more advanced accounting software will depend on how much prior accounting knowledge you have. Keep these factors in mind to help you navigate the sea of virtually endless accounting software options and find the right one for your business. You can outsource your bookkeeping duties to a company that will set up and train a dedicated team for you and cover all of the expenses needed for their work.

Ways To Delegate to a Virtual Bookkeeper

They understand that cloud accounting software streamlines bookkeeping functions and keeps your data secure. Get an idea of what kinds of technologies and applications they’re utilizing so you can get the most of our your partnership. Ensuring you have the right bookkeeper, staff accountant, accounting manager or controller is vital to growing your business. Jennifer is the founder and CEO ofOptima Officeand anEntrepreneurs’ Organization member in San Diego, California. Her company offers outsourced accounting services to support businesses of every size―from providing entire accounting departments to filling gaps on existing teams. In this article, she offers tips for identifying the right accountant for your organization. Many entrepreneurs mistake affordable bookkeepers for efficiency and high-quality work.

  • Are they licensed with the city to do business (don’t be afraid to ask for evidence of this, they have to be licensed just like you)?
  • Checking a bookkeeper’s background more extensively will show you if they have financial issues such as massive credit card debt, tax liens, or judgments against them.
  • Regardless of how thorough a bookkeeper is, it is important to settle for one with excellent communication skills.
  • When you’re able to trust a bookkeeper with your finances, you can dedicate your time and energy to growing your business.
  • Finding a bookkeeper you trust with sensitive company data is challenging.
  • If you are looking for a bookkeeper, a referral from someone you know, especially if they are in a similar industry, is probably your best first step.
  • As the needs of a business vary, so do the ideal bookkeeper requirements.

Certification, licensing and insurance should all be investigated. If a freelancer makes a mistake while working for your business and doesn’t have liability protection, you’ll likely be left holding the bag. While hiring an employee to take over bookkeeping may seem like a good way to keep control of your finances and the people managing them, this method often falls short in execution. For businesses without an expertise in managing bookkeeping procedures, accounting software or financial analysis, managing bookkeeping internally can be a recipe for disaster. A quality bookkeeping firm will have all the right credentials, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee reliability.


Checking a bookkeeper’s background more extensively will show you if they have financial issues such as massive credit card debt, tax liens, or judgments against them. This is vital information that directly relates to the core duties of the role. Ask the candidate to explain anything you are concerned about in the background report. Your bookkeeper will have access to highly sensitive information about both your company and employees. You have a duty to protect your existing employees’ confidential data by ensuring you hire a trustworthy employee. Many companies have a background check policy to run a criminal background check on all new hires. To find a bookkeeper, you need to go where candidates are—job boards.

How To Choose The Right Bookkeeper?

You need someone who recognizes that and communicates appropriately. If you’re ready to hire a bookkeeper, here are some tips to help you find the perfect fit for your business. It will take time to set up and integrate the bookkeeping system into your business. The bookkeeper will need time to become familiar with your unique business needs. You need to meet with the bookkeeper on a regular basis to ensure your interests are met.

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