Better than our parish priest, while i may do well!

Better than our parish priest, while i may do well!

And you will wore my personal gay vivid red robes

525 My fifthe housbonde — Goodness their soule blesse! — My personal fifth spouse — God-bless their heart! — 526 Which that i got having love, with no richesse, Whom We got to possess like, without wealth, 527 The guy som tyme is a clerk out of Oxenford, He had been previously a clerk of Oxford, 528 And hadde kept scole, and you may wente within hom to help you bord Together with kept college, and you can appeared where you can find board 529 With my gossib, dwellynge within the oure toun; Using my close friend, house in our area; 530 Jesus possess hir soule! Hir label try Alisoun. God has actually the lady spirit! This lady title are Alisoun. 531 She know myn herte, and you will eek my privetee, She know my cardiovascular system, and have my gifts, 532 Choice than simply oure parisshe preest, therefore moot We thee! 533 To employ biwreyed I my conseil al. 534 To have hadde myn housbonde pissed towards an excellent wal, Getting got my better half pissed with the a wall surface, 535 Otherwise doon a thyng one to sholde han cost their lyf, Otherwise over something that need costs their lifetime, 536 To hire, and to various other worthy wyf, To help you their, and also to several other worthy spouse, 537 In order to my personal nece, and therefore that i treasured weel, And to my niece, who I liked better, 538 I wolde han toold their conseil all of the deel. I might provides informed each of his treasures. 539 So i dide ful commonly, God it woot, So i performed very often, Goodness knows it, 540 One produced his deal with have a tendency to reed and hoot You to definitely produced their deal with often reddish and you may sensuous 541 Getting verray shame, and charged hymself to have he Getting true shame, and you can charged themselves due to the fact he 542 Got toold in my experience so desired good pryvetee. Got advised in my opinion great a secret.

In order to this lady I found every my personal gifts

543 Thereby bifel you to ones inside the a great Lente — Thereby it just happened that once during the a springtime — 544 Many times tymes We on my gossyb wente, Just like the apparently I decided to go to head to my close friend, 545 To own evere yet We liked as homosexual, To possess I always adored to be gay, 546 And for so you can walke within the March, Averill, and may even, And to walk in March, April, and could, 547 Fro hous to help you hous, to heere sondry talys — From house to house, to listen to some bits of hearsay — 548 That elizabeth Alys, You to definitely age Alys, 549 And that i me, to your feeldes wente. And i me, on fields ran. 550 Myn housbonde is at Londoun al one to Lente; My husband was at London all of that Springtime; 551 I hadde the new bettre leyser getting so you can pleye, I’d the better opportunity to show your me personally, 552 And in order to se, and you will eek to have become seye In order to discover, and rise above the crowd 553 From lusty someone. What wiste We wher my personal elegance Because of the amorous individuals. What performed I know in the in which my personal chance 554 Try shapen to possess getting, or even in exactly what set? Try bound to feel, or even in just what put? 555 Therfore We made my personal visitaciouns And so i made my visitations 556 In order to vigilies and also to processiouns, So you’re able to religious feasts and also to processions, 557 To help you prechyng eek, also to thise pilgrimages, In order to preaching along with, and to such pilgrimages, 558 So you can pleyes from myracles, and mariages, So you can performs regarding wonders, also to marriage ceremonies, 559 And you can wered up on my personal gaye bright red gytes. 560 Thise wormes, ne thise motthes, ne thise mytes, Such viruses, neither this type of moths, neither such mites, 561 Abreast of my danger, frete hem never ever a great deel; On my personal peril (I claim), chewed in it never ever a little while; 562 And you will wostow why? Getting they certainly were used weel. And you will know thou why? While they were well used.

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